The story of Werther begins when fatigue yet again forces one to look away from the world. When everything around us is only cruel. What to do when reality seems but a trace left by the receding wave? Look for peace in the ruins of nature? Fall in love? But what if everything remains strange? The fact that unhappiness is lurking upon us is continuously recalled by a huge cloud of asbestos hanging over the stage.

What remains of Johann Wolfgang Goethe’s 1774 epistolary novel in Borczuch’s performance is Werther as a spectre haunting Wahlheim and its citizens. The romantic hero comes yet again to change into a melancholy animal and play himself. Werther truly rebels against the common order of life: work, family, holidays; yet the pose of an outsider seems – even to himself – pretentious and artificial. Who is this ghost filled with hatred to the world and why doesn’t he leave us alone?