The performance is based on a book by Svetlana Alexievich. The main characters are women who as young girls went in their summer dresses and high heels to fight for their motherland. Yet, they are not able do speak about the war as something heroic. Women from the countryside, from cities, simple and educated, women who treated the wounded and used guns, met people who turned out to be beasts. After the war they were accused of lies and treated as traitors and prostitutes. The factual material includes hundreds of interviews, among others with women snipers, soldiers, guerrilla fighters, nurses, pilots, washers and cooks who worked at the front.
“War’s Unwomanly Face” was published in 1985 in the USSR, and its author became popular overnight. Svetlana Alexievich described the “womanly face” of the war. The Belarusian author is at present one of the most consistent and significant representatives of non-fiction. She received numerous awards for her involved writing. Since the time the power was seized by the dictator Lukashenko her books have been banned in Belarus.