The script for the performance was based on “Return to the Desert” and “Quay West” by Bernard-Marie Koltes, the major representative of French theatre of absurd. In this diptych, the director attempts to capture the world in a moment of subtle change. In the docks of New York, in the zone of immigrants of colour and people cast on the shore of a foreign country and culture there suddenly appears a white businessman, Maurice Koch. For unknown reasons he wants to commit suicide. This gesture sets on a story about the encounter of a white man with a man of colour, about their fears, fascinations, expectations, and desires. In some scenes the viewers can only hear parts of their conversations. This way, instead of meeting the characters face to face, we barely catch a shape of the figure.

“Quay West. Return to the Desert” is a kind of hypnotic performance-experience, which enables the viewer to enter the world of contemporary refugees: people who don’t belong anywhere, who try to save the remnants of their dignity by humiliating others, people forced to eternally fight for something and against someone, both “strangers” and “their own”. The performance is supposed to consistently shake the viewers out of their rhythm and habits. Borczuch stages his performance in mist and blinding sunshine, forcing his actors to narrate the world as if inadvertently.